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Hi Kathy and Dolly - you don't know how stoked I am someone is reading this, let alone someone who understands!!! I am a compulsive purger when it comes to my own parenting (it makes up for the all the fluff I write in parenting magazines) so please if there are any other issues you'd like me to address let me know! Please keep reading. xxx


"They’re screaming about the house, I’ve got a deadline, the last thing I want to do in a break is play puppy dog hospital and I’d really actually like to be left alone".

Did you write that all by yourself, or did you read our collective minds???

Great piece.



I feel the same way! I was unstoppable with other people's babys. now i'm like, meh.

Alice Martrin

Love this one! Hit a nerve I'm sure most of us have.

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good rattles

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