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Jill Brierley

I need a thumbs up icon like on Face book, just to say I like this - and as you know, I identify with it xx

Alice Martrin

Good one Rachel! I gave up op-shopping a few months ago for the same reasons. There's a fabulous shop in Richmond, full of designer bargains but in recent times it's become like the fourth floor of David Jones. Not worth the hassle. Lately, I read an article about "shopping in your closet". The idea is to get everything out of your wardrobe and drawers, fling it on the bed and work out that some of the things you haven't worn for two years or more are actually worth wearing again, maybe with different accessories or sometihng. Other things need flinging straight to the op-shop. I have a quiet day tomorrow so plan to do this exercise. Who knows what I'll come up with?

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