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I know I know... I guess I didn't word it very well; what I meant to say was although I gripe about havings kids, how can I be so sure that I'd be fulfilled without them? How can anyone be sure? These 'studies' make us think, but don't offer information that could be deemed relevant to anything or serve any purpose... And yes, the kids will be handed over just as soon as you're in throwing distance! xxx

Jill Brierley

Made me think....did having kids make me happy?? I'm looking back over a looooooong time now, so the sleepless nights and the energy sapping roller coaster years of daily family dramas, juggling too many domestic crises while desperately trying to maintain a sense of personal self-identity through developing a feeble career have faded into the background. Yes, I did get enormous pleasure and satisfaction from having kids, but always tempered with worry and guilt as I recognised my inadequacies and mistakes - think of the psychological damage I am causing these poor defenceless creatures.

I suppose I never had a burning desire to make my mark in the world so that made it all easier. And it's certainly true that having kids is a good distraction from other major personal problems in life - you just have to get on with it.

But now I must tell you that the myth is true. Grandchildren make it all soooooooo worthwhile. So hang on in there Rachel, your time will come, and meanwhile gimme gimme gimme your gorgeous kids from time to time so I can spoil them rotten and you can have a breath of fresh air for a while. I come with good references.

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