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Barry Masters

Hi Rach,Good to read your back safe and sound, probably drained and as you say jet lagged... though I didn't experience that on my trip, probably too much addrenaline coursing through my body at the time. The shear excitement of a new continent and the flora and fauna, and supposingly the first christmas with my father!

Rachel you have the most Amazeing talent for writing... I could read your very clever words and thoughts all day, and I'm not a great one for reading, though fate sorted that one for me... though today is somewhat a struggle... way too much going on.. some excilerating ,some quite sad and emotional concerning family... but that's family. I must say hearing from you has brightened my day! Settle yourself in first before you ring, as I have to get through this weekend concerning family... should be back on form next week with a bit of luck. Take care you Brilliant girl... look forward to speaking with you in the future.

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